Yilmaz Redüktör Gearboxes

basic properties 

– configuration options
– various sizes
– different ambient conditions

online configurator

– gearbox configuration simply online
– 2D and 3D plans available online

catalogues and product sheets

– catalogues and product sheets in one place

Unique monolithic construction

Thanks to its monolithic construction, the new generation of Yilmaz Redüktör gearboxes stands out for their absolute accuracy, rigidity and stability.

All gearbox series, except the Y series, have a monolithic structure.

Absolute product accuracy

Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC machines, absolute accuracy of individual parts (flanges, bearings, etc.) and their surfaces, and therefore the product’s overall quality, is ensured.

11 gearbox product series

The wide product portfolio ensures that you can choose the correct gearbox for your application.

Short delivery terms

Short delivery terms are guaranteed by the fact that all production takes place in one place.

Additionally, D2Drives the Czech Republic distributor for gearboxes holds large stocks of the most common assemblies and can ship them the following day.

Fully compatible with other products on the market

They meet the strictest standards

– ISO 9001, ISO 281, ISO 6336:2006
– DIN 743, DIN 3990
– ATEX certification

Full product database available online

With the unique online GST application, 2D and 3D drawings are available in a few clicks and in all formats used (PDF, DWG, DXF, CGR, IGS, etc.).

2D and 3D drawings in a few clicks

Technical drawings and product data sheets with detailed specifications are available in a few clicks.

Drawings and models of all products in each product range are available in hundreds of different configurations.

GST application

The detail-elaborated online application will serve buyers perfectly as well as technical staff and designers.

on-line configurator

On-line configurator enables detailed gearbox configurations. For greater clarity, each step by step is supplemented by a visualisation of the given product.


Select the correct gearbox. Straight away.